All our baked goods are carefully made "from scratch" on site in our Lancaster County bakery. We're proud of our products and we know you'll taste the delicious difference!











              Meet the owners - Andy, Dan, Dave, and Sharon










                                  Our Retail Staff are trained to greet you with a SMILE








       Come on down, the eatin's fine!










                                  We are voted THE BEST BAKERY in Lancaster County












                                            Meet Kathy 
   The gal with the pleasant voice, you hear on the phone

                                                      Upcoming Wedding or Special Event?
                                                We can create a special design just for you!










                            Our decorators are VERY talented and creative



























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     Hand rolling our famous "Stickies" 







                                                                    YUM, YUM, YUM ...... need I say more!




              One a penny
wo a penny
            Hot Cross Buns











Getting all gooey making Cinnamon Twists

 Frying donuts is sure to be a hot job even on the coldest day










                                                    Delicate, mouth-watering pies you can
                                                           be proud to serve at your table









                         Bread fresh from the oven

Holidays at Achenbach's are BUSY times
Easter is one of the colorful times of the year



























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Thanksgiving preparation keeps everyone on their toes.

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